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Firewood logs for delivery in East Kent

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We have a wide range of products available for home delivery across Canterbury, Whitstable and the surrounding areas.

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Feeds & Fertilisers

One of the secrets to a flourishing garden is feeding – the plants love it and you can really tell the difference in terms of lush growth and abundance of flowers. There are too many options to list them all, but here are some great offers for you at the moment:

  • Miracle Gro 1kg with 20% extra free for just £4.95
  • Vitax Q4, a great all-round pelleted fertiliser, starting at just £3.25
  • Chicken Manure Pellets, for those of you who prefer something natural, 3.5kg for £4.95
  • For everyone growing tomatoes or any other fruiting crop tomato feed is a must and our current best deal is 1L of Tomorite with an extra 33% free for just £3.45
  • For a great organic option we have Miracle Gro Performance Organics 1L liquid for £4.95
  • We also stock a range of specific feeds for your acers, hydrangeas, clematis, azaleas and olives, starting at £3.95
  • And don’t forget your roses…. We are currently offering 4kg of Toprose for just £9.95 or our organic options start from £3.25

How to Order

  1. Please browse through our product pages to get an idea of what we have in stock.
  2. Fill in our enquiry form with an overview of the items you would like to purchase. Please include your full name, delivery address and telephone number.
  3. We will get back to you via telephone to confirm avaiability, your order cost and to take payment.
  4. We will book your item in for delivery to your door.
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In Partnership with the John Graham Centre

In Partnership with the John Graham Centre

Meadow Grange Nurseries working in partnership with the John Graham Centre in Blean, helping to enable adults with a learning disabilities to learn and achieve together

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