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The Coffee Stop

We are pleased to announce the Meadow Grange Coffee Stop Hut is now open.

Meadow Grange Nursery coffee and tea available in our coffee stop cafe near Canterbury

Come and visit our new Coffee Stop


Espresso£2.00£2.20 (Double Shot)
Flat White£2.65 
Decaf available 20p extra

Chocolate drinks

Belgium hot chocolate £2.95
Children's hot chocolate£2.00 


Hot Tea £2.00
Decaffeinated Tea £2.00
Decaffeinated Tea £2.00
Earl Grey Tea £2.00
Peppermint Tea £2.00
Lemon and Ginger Tea £2.00

Cold Drinks

Iced Latte£2.65£2.95
Iced Americano£2.10£2.30
Iced Smoothies (red berry tropical)£3.00;£3.70
(Strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla made with ice cream)
Peppermint Tea £2.00
Extras - Cream 40p | Syrup 50p | Syrup 50p
Milk options - Soya and Oat Milk 20p extra

Cans and bottles of drink

Coke - regular and diet£1.20 
Schweppes Lemonade£1.20 
Fruit Cartons65p 
Fruit Shoots£1.00 
Owlet fruit Juices £1.30 
Fentimans Soft Drinks£1.80 
San Pellegrino£1.20 

Ice cream

Solley’s Ice Cream Tubs (Local Kent Ice-cream)£2.50 
Oreo Sandwich£1.50 
Mini Milk60p 
Roundtree Fruit Pastille£1.10 
Roundtree Pushup£1.95 
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In Partnership with the John Graham Centre

In Partnership with the John Graham Centre

Meadow Grange Nurseries working in partnership with the John Graham Centre in Blean, helping to enable adults with a learning disabilities to learn and achieve together

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