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Live Edge Kiln Dried Boards

Solid wooden boards cut to order

Live Edge Kiln Dried Boards Cut to Order

As many of you will be aware, Meadow Grange manages a woodland right next door to the garden centre where we cut, dry and process wood in a sustainable way to produce Woodsure accredited firewood.

Our talented team also produce solid wooden boards which are cut directly from large tree trunks to create planks of wood to specific dimensions. We can produce straight, square edge boards using our professional ‘Wood-mizer’ saw, but we can also produce waney edge or live edge boards too.

óLive Edge Kiln Dried Boards Cut to Order

Waney edge or live edge boards are cut leaving a natural edge to the board which displays the tree’s rawness and beauty. Often used by furniture makers, specialist joiners, bespoke kitchen craftsmen and artists too, these stunning boards can be cut to your exact requirements providing a truly unique grain and look.

From our own woodland, we specialise in the production of Oak and Ash boards but we can source most other types of wood as required. The wood is selected and cut at our woodyard and can be delivered to you directly.

Live Edge Kiln Dried Boards Cut to Order

For more information about the service, the products we can supply or to get a quote, please contact the Meadow Grange General Manager - Peter Buscall on 01227 471205 or you can email your enquiry to us at .

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