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Fabulous Festive Fun at Meadow Grange this Christmas

The team at Meadow Grange has Christmas covered with a little added festive sparkle this year, we have so much going on we thought we’d dedicate a page on the website just to Christmas!!

Order Christmas Turkeys and Christmas Tree Delivery in the Canterbury, Whitstable area

Christmas Trees and Decorations

Christmas Trees and Decorations for sale near Canterbury and Whitstable

As regular customers will know, we pride ourselves at Meadow Grange on bringing you the best selection of Christmas trees in Kent. Our non-drop potted and traditional tree selection is huge and we supply a wonderful assortment of shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s home.

Added to our great range of trees, this year we will have our largest selection ever of Christmas decorations and delightful gift ideas filling up the garden centre from mid-October - a magical Christmas display to get everyone in the festive spirit.

We will also be making our own fir and holly wreaths to sell at the nursery offering a wide range of festive colours and we can even make bespoke wreaths to match your decor!

In addition to our fine selection of trees, lights and decorations, we will also have a great selection of Christmas gift ideas and festive plants available and the Meadow Grange cafe will be tempting visitors with delicious parsnip soup, hot sausage rolls, paninis and locally produced Lost Sheep Coffee.

Christmas Tree Care Tips

Special Visitors this Year

festive farm animals will be back at Meadow Grange for Christmas

I’m sure you’ll all be delighted to hear that from 1st December our fabulous festive farm animals will be back at Meadow Grange for the Christmas period putting smiles on faces and helping to raise money for the Whitstable and Herne Bay Lions.

Also, on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of December we have a very special visitor coming to see us. From 11am-3pm on both days, Father Christmas will be here greeting visitors and raising money for a local charity - why not pop along with the kids and kick Christmas 2021 off with Meadow Grange Santa.

Christmas at the Meadow Grange Farm Shop

Why not take the stress out of the Christmas food shopping this year and buy local at our fantastic farm shop at Meadow Grange. From December the farm shop will be selling all sorts of culinary delights; festive meat from The Butchers at Brogdale, locally sourced veggies, Christmas cakes, mince pies and everything else you need to create the perfect Christmas feast. We even have a great range of local beers and wines and fabulous Kentish fizz to wash it all down!

Homegrown KellyBronze Turkeys - Order Now in Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Thanet Kent

Homegrown KellyBronze Turkeys - Order Now

This year we are also taking orders for delicious, succulent Kelly Bronze turkeys - a wide selection of sizes and weights available.

Freerange Christmas Turkeys for sale near Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury

The Turkeys are allowed to roam freely and live a happy life with straw bales to climb and lots of lovely fruit and veggies to pick over living life to the full .

These beauties come to us as day old chicks at the end of June and are allowed to roam freely, living a happy life to maturity, climbing on straw bales and eating healthy fruit and veggies as they live life to the full.

Don’t delay book yours today.

4-5 kgApproximately 8 people£60.00
5-6 kgApproximately 10 people£72.00
6-7 kgApproximately 12 people£84.00
7-8 kgApproximately 14 people£88.00
8-9 kgApproximately 16 people£99.00
9-10 kgApproximately 18 people£110.00
10-11 kgApproximately 20 people£115.50
11-12 kg Approximately 22 people£126.00
13 kgApproximately 26 people£136.50
Don’t delay call us to book yours today.

Deposit of £25.00 to be paid on ordering, full payment on collection.

We’re Here to Help

We know that the last couple of years have been really difficult for so many people and there are people that are still isolation or who are struggling to get out and about so if you think of someone that needs some help please give us a call or pass our number on to them and we will take their orders and take Christmas to them.

Our delivery service will be running right up until Christmas Eve and we will make sure that the Meadow Grange team will be there to help you all have the best Christmas EVER!!

Just as a final note, the Meadow Grange team would like to thank all of our customers this year for supporting us. It has been a particularly hard year for everyone and we really do appreciate each and every one of you.

Best wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Meadow Grange Team.

Christmas Tree Care Tips

If you are not ready to bring your tree indoors straight away stand it outside somewhere cool and sheltered – you may want to stand it in a bucket of water.

When you are ready to bring your cut tree indoors cut a slice of at least 25mm off the bottom of the trunk to allow the tree to take up water – just like a cut flower.

Display your tree in a stand which has a reservoir of water – this will need checking and topping up on a daily basis as a tree can take up over a litre of water per day.

Adding Christmas tree food to the water will help to keep the needles fresh.

Trees in pots will also need checking and watering on a regular basis.

Stand your tree in a cool place indoors and away from heat sources like fires and radiators as this will cause them to dry out much quicker.

In Partnership with the John Graham Centre

In Partnership with the John Graham Centre

Meadow Grange Nurseries working in partnership with the John Graham Centre in Blean, helping to enable adults with a learning disabilities to learn and achieve together

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