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Garden Inspiration - Minty's Landscaping Project

We’re looking at adding new ideas to the Meadow Grange website all the time - to help inspire you with your gardening ideas and hopefully bring you some good seasonal tips as well.

One area that Peter the General Manager has been really keen to focus on is the impact that gardening and gardens can have on our lives, so we were really pleased when one of our long standing customers - Minty - agreed to let us use the recent landscaping project in her garden as a little case study. Here’s what Minty had to say;

“I’ve been a customer of Meadow grange for at least 20 years and knew the previous owners. It has always been a pleasure visiting the garden centre and Peter the General Manager has been brilliant, especially during lockdown as I am on the vulnerable list and he arranged for me to have a look around when there were only a few people allowed.

My garden before the new landscaping was very ordinary and I have always wanted a garden filled with scent and more perennials and that is now exactly what I’ve got.

I initially designed the garden which was then realised by Nigel Martyn who works for Gillam’s Garden & Landscaping Services and he was able to skillfully put my ideas into practice.

I contacted Peter to source the plants explaining what I wanted - which was a colour scheme of blue, white and pink and he was brilliant finding me all the plants. I also wanted structure so we used lots of Olive trees - all from Meadow Grange!

The end result is amazing and the plants are really flourishing! I wanted a garden where I could dream, a sanctuary from the stresses of life and I certainly have that now.”

Peter Buscall the General Manager at Meadow Grange said, "What a fabulous garden project and it was a pleasure to help out with choosing the right plants.

We needed to select suitable plants for an area that is mostly sunny, and there were some specific colour combinations which were important to Minty.

We also spent some time thinking about heights, shapes and sizes that would compliment the new landscaping. I looked at plants which would thrive for a long time and also flower throughout the year providing a continuous selection of colour through the seasons. Great job Minty and Nigel - we think the results look stunning."

Here are a few pictures of Minty’s stunning new garden - we think you’ll agree it’s a proper little oasis. If you need help in finding the right plants for a garden project or you’re a landscape gardener looking to source specific specimen plants then do contact the team at Meadow Grange - we’re full of great ideas!!!

Garden Inspiration - Minty's Landscaping Project
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